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Who are we?

We’re a technology company that engineers innovative solutions for the most sought after concepts that will shape the future of various industries such as AVIATION, MARITIME, and ENERGY.

What do we do?

There are numerous golden opportunities of achievable operational efficiencies waiting to be tapped into.

At DUALEAP we identify and pursue the best of these potentials across various industries and develop solutions that truly help businesses.

We bridge the gap between what is possible and the status quo.

DUALEAP brings the first-ever opportunity through ClearBox to stream raw data, audio, and video from aircraft, streaming throughout all flight phases, with compression ratios of up to 98% without any data loss.

ClearBox lowers data transmission costs thereby enabling airlines to use data for in-flight route optimisation, reduce fuel burn & carbon footprint, and reduce turn-around time. Data is also key to help live emissions reduction during operations, improve asset management, and to reduce operational costs.

ClearBox is equally relevant in the areas of marine, energy, and space applications achieving savings of around 25-30% of legacy solutions.

ClearBox in numbers

up to 98% data compression
0 %
send up to 150% more data using your existing infrastructure
0 %
use data to save up to 300K€ per aircraft/year
use data to save up to 1.5% of your carbon emission
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