ClearBox collects data including audio & video streams if any, compresses, encrypts and transmits the data packets through an existing secure link.

The system comprises of a data collection device that runs ICE Algorithm – Identification, Compression, Encryption and an application at the receiving end (server side) for decryption, decompression, storage and visualisation.

It provides authorised personnel near real time access to complete telemetry for improved operational insight, situational awareness and incident management at a very low cost.


Data Compression Technology

ICE Algorithm can offer compression ratios of up to 98% with dual layer encryption  that ensures no loss in data. This means a higher volume of data can be transmitted at a low cost.

SWIM Compatible

Data sharing using SWIM Blue Profile gives data access to system users across the globe. 

Integrated Platform

An Integrated platform to process and analyse data, audio and video in near real-time bypassing multiple third party applications and processes which are function specific.

Flexible Data-Link

Flexibility to stream complete flight telemetry or data of choice to the Airline operations center

Simplified Data Collection

Eliminate multiple processes in data collection (QAR, Gatelink) used for FDM, FOQA, compliance and safety management.

Proactive & Predictive Maintenance

Telemetry and weather data plotting in a 3D environment enabling dynamic rerouting and ghost imaging giving better insights for proactive maintenance together with PBN and Pilot Performance Analysis

Prior to our rebranding efforts to reflect our forward thinking changes, ClearBox was previously known as LANE under our previous business name -Waxwing Avionics. Project LANE had received a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission under their Horizon 2020 program in 2017 during our R&D phase.